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Conti Chemicals started off almost 22 years ago with the director Feroz Khan realizing the potential within the chemical industry. The business started off as a home based business. Being a PDI, with limited resources, the room for trial and error was seriously limited.

Almost two years later, Conti Chemicals started to show some growth. Being fully employed, time and funding was seriously limited, however this was no reason to quit. Through dedication and hard work the company built up a steady and growing client base. Meeting the unique needs of the customers and excellent customer service has been the hallmark of the company.

In 2009 our company became SABS ISO 9001 certified. This certification provides assurance of quality management and assures customer that the quality they receive is the quality they expect. Through strategic planning and continual improvement we now have our manufacturing plant set up in Ballito and retail outlets in Kwadukuza and Richards bay.

At Conti Chemicals we would like to look at ourselves firstly as a consulting company. Through the consulting phase, we have found it easier to identify the client's specific requirements and therefore supply/manufacture a product that is suitable to their needs.

The company is driven by a set of core principles which our service is evaluated against on a quarterly basis. The company seeks to be a model company within the chemical industry. Conti Chemicals is a company which fully understands the socio – economic factors which affect our communities. We are therefore people driven, not just in the industry, but also in the communities in which we operate.

we are expanding our range of SABS certified products which are suitable for industrial and domestic uses.

GK10 Biocide is used in our disinfectant range as an active ingredient effectively killing 99,9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds and spores including Covid 19.



In the world of chemicals the need for greed often outweighs the needs for safer home, for generations to come.

The central drive of Conti Chemicals is evolving products through creativity and innovation, to ensure eco – friendliness.

Conti Chemicals has carved a path in the chemical industry based on 22 years’ service to this industry.

The efficiency and personal touch of the service ensures sustainability. Most of the products are created specifically for each client. While some generic chemicals are sold off the shelf, most are developed after consultation with the needs of the client.

Conti chemicals, having employed experienced people, has increased the capabilities of the company. Together the partnership ensures a strengthened social responsibility program, access to markets, and links to the giants in trade and industry sector.

Looking forward to doing business with you!

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